• Brief Introduction

    Guangzhou International Engineering Consulting CO., LTD. (GIECC)was established in 1983. The technical team of our company has a satisfactory variety of professions and rich practical experience, can provide kinds of technical supports and high quality services. Also we have powerful resource of experts tank, which by now has 1062 professional experts. With the consulting principle of "independence, justice, science", we insist on the direction of serving the government departments and investment owners, and play an important role in avoiding investment decision-making mistakes, reducing investment risks, improving investment efficiency and safeguarding the interests of investors. The important position and the performance of ours has been known by more and more customers, we gain trusts and recognition from all levels of government departments and foreign investors. We also have established extensive long-term relations of cooperation with government departments, domestic and foreign investment owners, foreign firms and multinational companies, and we won a good reputation and great influence in society.

    In 30 years since we were founded, in the duty of serving government, society and to get the best investment benefit and best service for customers, we are earnestly to be the think-tank of government and consultants of enterprises, to do the preliminary researches for government policies, to provide decision-making basis for government investments, to provide the best implementation projects for of the construction programs of enterprises.

    We have provided a total investment amount of more than two trillion RMB of various consulting services for all levels of government departments, enterprises, domestic and foreign investors. The scope of services covered many areas of city infrastructures, municipal utilities, environmental and ecological protections, energy, constructions, roads, bridges, city rail transportation, public facilities and other projects. Especially in the fields of city infrastructure projects, municipal utilities facilities projects, public welfare projects of culture, environment and ecology protection, we have rich consulting services experience. A number of consulting service projects have won the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) awards and all kinds of outstanding domestic awards.

    Business Scope

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    Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center submitted by our company was awarded Submitted Nomination in FIDIC 2014 Awards

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    Xijiang River Water Diversion Project, Guangzhou submitted by our company was awarded Submitted Nomination in FIDIC 2014 Awards

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    China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex submitted by our company was awarded THE FIDIC CENTENARY AWARDS

    To gain the best benefits for investments and to provide the best services for customers, is the greatest wish of of all colleagues in our company.

    Guangzhou International Engineering Consulting CO., LTD. is abiding the advisory service principles of "independent, fair, scientific, reliable" since it’s established for more than 30 years, which has been taken care and supported by at all levels of government departments and Chinese and foreign investors. Also, we have established a good relationship of cooperation with friends all around the world, we would like to thank you all sincerely.

    Our China, which is pursuing the policy of reform and opening, has become a vibrant market and hot spot for investment, the infrastructures and the constructions of new investment projects provide a broad cooperation space between customers and us.

    The company is willing to work with friends worldwide. Let’s seek cooperation, holding hands to create brilliant future!

    Contact Us

    • Address: 9/F, Wuyang New Town Plaza, No.111 Siyouxin Road, Guangzhou, Guangdong,China
    • Post Code: 510600
    • Business Phone:+86-20-87376753, +86-20-87376747
    • Fax: +86-20-87376380
    • E-mail: market@giecc.com.cn
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